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Cultivated Hospitality in the Heart of Coburg | Markt 1 | Owner Siegmund Hetz
Menu Card *

Broth with egg
Potato soup with sausage

Mixed salad with baguette
Mixed salad with cheese and ham
Mixed salad with salmon

KIds´ meal
Baken chicken escalope with french fries

Seniors´ meal
Meat loaf chasseur with potatoes and red cabbage

Aspic with curd and potatoes

Small dishes
A couple of Wiener with potato salad
A couple of Bavarian veal sausage with pretzel
Currywurst with french fries
Coburger bratwurst with potato and kraut
Coburger bratwurst with mixed salad

Noodle dishes
Rigatoni with ham and egg in cream sauce
Penne with herbal sauce and beef

Meat dishes
Roast pork with dumplings and kraut
Marinated pot roast with dumplings and salad
Soured boiled rump in horseradish sauce with dumplings and salad
Cutlet "nature style" with herb butter and mixed salad
Schnitzel with french fries and salad
Rump steak with tomato-zucchini-vegetable and rösti
Turkey steak with mediterranean vegetable and potato croquettes

Fish dishes
Baken fish filet with mixed salad
Filets of herring with apples and onions and potatoes
Pangasius filet with crackling and rice
Poached trout with creamed horseradish, potatoes and salad
1/2 Carp "blue style"

Mixed ice cream with whipped cream
Iced coffee
Red groats, Tiramisu
Cake with whipped cream
Cappuccino, Espresso, Coffee

* Daily and seasonal changing Menu Card (Subject to Alterations)

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