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Cultivated Hospitality in the Heart of Coburg | Markt 1 | Owner Siegmund Hetz
The History

The Ratskeller Coburg is part of the historical town-hall, which was mentioned for the first time documentary around 1400 AD.

In the early years the building served at the same time as town-hall and department store. After 100 years of use it proved as too small. The municipal council placed an order to build a new town-hall. Between 1570 and 1580 AD - adjacent to the old building - the new town-hall was completed. The stately renaissance building with its decorated gable and magnificent oriel formed an impressive unit with the old town-hall.

Already at that time wines were poured out in the arches of the town-hall. The town-hall was fundamentally reconstructed from 1750 to 1752 AD. Apart from some building measures the town-hall was in its current condition since that time.

In the year 1975 the Ratskeller Coburg was opened.
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